Ability to create custom "Alerts Overlay"

The ability to create custom “Alerts Overlay” triggered by a custom command would make it easy for us to make a shoutout work, a raffle, duel, bet winner announced on the screen.
Other uses:

  • I would like to do: pre-raid messages, where it would put the channel to be raided, message, emotes, hashtags etc in the chat but also show on the screen.
    !preraid name would be triggered bit the Caster or Moderator;
  • !duelwinner SogeKing won the duel with just one shot of his slingshot afar;
  • A streamer friend of the channel is in the chat and I want to promote it:
    !promo or !highfive to trigger a message in the chat and a simple animation on the screen containing the channel’s name, avatar/picture, a follow message, full URL, last played and the last title, with ability to decide if it would be lengthy or succinct (just the image and the channel’s name);