Access to bot variables in JavaScript for text overlays

Think it would be useful to have access to bot variables in the javascript section for text overlays as wanting to migrate a rotating event bar to the bot and it has some javascript that requires variables. Also this would be helpful to everyone I think

Not sure what you mean exactly, can you clarify? You can already use custom variables and response filters

In the javascript portion of Text overlays Variables seem to not directly work. atm have to make a custom variable and generate a url to fetch it in javascript on text overlays. would be great if we could use the variables in the javascript like we can in the script portion of custom variables

Can you give me example of such script? If you can solve your issue with custom variable it is preferrable way to do, but you may have use-case I may consider worth to include.

something like this i think

I see, yes, they are not supported, but can be added.

Actually this cannot be done as this is evaluated inside browser and not on bot as custom variable.

You can use those variables though with some hidden divs and getting them in JS.

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