Adding twitch api references

add the creation of stream markers and the creation of the clip, if we give the bot the role of an editor, the nightbot does the markers, and sogebot can

You can already do it with highlight system and clips can be created through event system

that is, the highlights make a marker inside the last broadcast on twitch, as well as editors?

and you can show me where the event systems are, because I can’t find the creation of the clip, or tell me how to do it, you can make a command! clip and send a link to the clip in the chat?
PS show already created clip in overlay, this does not mean creating a clip

If you create highlight during livestream it will save timestamp into bot and create clip marker

!highlight command could be used by whatever person you will allow to, by default it is only caster if I remember correctly

ok :ok_hand:

ok, you can create a clip, but how to send it to chat, which variable to use ?, you need to send a message in the fireCreateAClipAndPlayReplay function or in showClip, can you just write the command “send const cid” to the chat?
or just turn on announce in chat?

sogebot has a simple command without decorators, etc. like in tmijs or twitch-js?

Can I write this code in one of these functions? or is there another syntax?

  .say(channel, 'Kappa Keepo Kappa')
  // Optionally ...
  .then(userStateMessage => {
    // ... do stuff with userStateMessage on success ...

PS I would write chat.say(channel,'${cid}') here

PSS and another question, how does it work command was send X times?
how to create !clip so that everything works correctly

PSSS even if the announcement in the chat is enough, all the same for future scripts it’s interesting can I just write

  .say(channel, 'Kappa Keepo Kappa')
  // Optionally ...
  .then(userStateMessage => {
    // ... do stuff with userStateMessage on success ...

Clip creation should be announced if you toggle announce button (it is in fireCreateAClip function)

Example 1

This will create clip on every !clip usage

Example 2

This will create clip if you have 10 consecutive !clip commands

How fade out works
you have 5 !clip commands in chat -> you need another 5 !clip commands
10 seconds passed
You need 6 !clip commands to trigger event
10 seconds passed
You need 7 !clip commands to trigger event
60 seconds passed
You need 10 !clip commands to trigger event

Not sure what are you trying to do with code

in general, anywhere I can write code that is simple for sending messages to chat, such as in tmijs

client.on('message', (channel, tags, message, self) => {
	if(self) return;
	if(message.toLowerCase() === '!hello') {
		client.say(channel, `@${tags.username}, heya!`);

or as in twitch-js

chat.on('*', message => {
    // Do stuff with message ...
    chat.say(channel, 'Kappa Keepo Kappa')

can i write like that anywhere, in any script? or you need to write something differently, like creating your own systems or games, it’s very difficult for me to understand, in tmi it’s very easy to write, if you want something your own, I would like to write my own system or game, but I don’t really understand this structure, sorry if I wrote something wrong, English is not my language

PS can I write a script for tmi, and then ask someone here on the forum, or can you rewrite the code for the game in your bot?

No, you cannot, you need to create own system ->

ok, I see, I’m just looking at it and I don’t understand some syntax yet, I will try, thanks :grinning:
PS can you answer me here, can you do the deployment instructions for the Heroku (if possible) Deploy on server

I didn’t do any heroku deployment, so I cannot help, sorry, but you can check our discord, some people tried to deploy it I think

ok :ok_hand:

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