Bypass the minimum amount for gamble

It is possible to bypass the minimum amount for gamble if you do !Gamble all.
My minimum amount is e.g. 100 points

2020-12-13T18:44:38.691 <<< !bolzen [methones]
2020-12-13T18:44:38.792 >>> @methones currently has 7 points Your position is 419/429. [methones]
2020-12-13T18:44:44.783 <<< !gamble all [methones]
2020-12-13T18:44:44.945 >>> @methones, you won! You now have 14 points [methones]

Good catch, thanks

I don’t seem to be able to reproduce your issue, we introduced minimal value for gamble per permission group. It may get rewritten to 0. Can you check?

Added test:

The problem has not occurred since the last update

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