Changing font makes no effect

Expected behavior

Alerts etc working with the chosen font from my system.

Actual behavior

Default font is shown.

Steps to reproduce

Create or modify, for example, an Alert; Choose a font from your system set it to replace the global settings; Test the Alert;

Additional informations

2022-02-08T07:22:08.387 <<< !_debug [forgottenmagneticsnake]
2022-02-08T07:22:08.427 DEBUG: * ======= COPY DEBUG MESSAGE FROM HERE =======
2022-02-08T07:22:08.427 DEBUG: * GENERAL | OS: npm/8.1.4 node/v16.13.2 linux x64 workspaces/false
2022-02-08T07:22:08.463 DEBUG: * | Bot version: 14.14.1
2022-02-08T07:22:08.464 DEBUG: * | DB: better-sqlite3
2022-02-08T07:22:08.465 DEBUG: * | HEAP: 132.41 MB
2022-02-08T07:22:08.466 DEBUG: * | Uptime: 05:08:45
2022-02-08T07:22:08.466 DEBUG: * | Language: en
2022-02-08T07:22:08.467 DEBUG: * | Mute: false
2022-02-08T07:22:08.467 DEBUG: * SYSTEMS | Ranks, Songs, CustomCommands, Alias, Highlights, AntiHateRaid, Points, Bets, Checklist, Commercial, Cooldown, EmotesCombo, HowLongToBeat, Keywords, Levels, Moderation, Polls, Price, Queue, Quotes, Raffles, Scrim, Timers, Top, UserInfo
2022-02-08T07:22:08.467 DEBUG: * GAMES | -Duel, -FightMe, -Gamble, -Heist, -Roulette, -Seppuku
2022-02-08T07:22:08.468 DEBUG: * INTEGRATIONS | -LastFM, -Spotify, -Discord, -Donationalerts, OBSWebsocket, -PhillipsHue, -PUBG, -Qiwi, -StreamElements, -Streamlabs, -TipeeeStream, -Twitter
2022-02-08T07:22:08.468 DEBUG: * OAUTH | BOT tenshimsm#764337208 | BROADCASTER forgottenmagneticsnake#422971599
2022-02-08T07:22:08.469 DEBUG: * ======= END OF DEBUG MESSAGE =======

I don’t seem to be able to reproduce, can you show me what you exactly have set. Not sure what Choose a font from your system mean. I can properly set

  1. global font → working OK, change is propagated
  2. individual font for each alert to override global font → working OK

Here you mean? I changed in the first option and also force inside the specific alert.

Will take a look, thanks

It seems like this font is not working correctly as it should as it doesn’t properly load in admin ui as well.

Fixed in
ui-admin 36.1.3
ui-overlay 17.1.2

You can update UI through bot updated in settings->modules->updater

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