Channel points

Hey boys and girl

I would like the bot to rule on channel points rewards e.g. Text to Speech, assigns VIP rank or accepts song request etc.

Hi Robotter112,
bot have already own points system and can catch reward redeems from Twitch channel system.

But where do I find that

Then you can set everything up in UI, settings -> systems -> points, price for commands manage -> prices

I must say I am little bit confused as we already talked about price and points system here Sound cost

And if you mean twitch reward redeem with points, then you need to use them in manage -> events -> reward redeem

I meant that the bot reacts when you redeem the channel points from Twitch.
For example, that he reads the text, etc.

Just like in the video, the Sogebot just does that

You can only make reward redeem event in ui-manage-events (which is limited), currently there is no alert registry hooks to rewards, but it is planned and will be possibly in next version and will extend current alerts registry functionality.

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