Check, if user is on channel

I did not find such a check in the bot, if there is, you can help me,
I need a check as in mirc, if (name ison channel) // true or false
since I did not find this check, I wanted to create a Feature request, but I decided to ask here first, can I check it differently ?, I just would like it as simple as in mirc :roll_eyes:

Where do you want to do this check?

for example, in systems, or games, you need to check if there is a nickname in the chat of which someone wrote in the text

!bomb nick // the command gives the user a few seconds to neutralize, if not neutralized, it gives a timeout

since this command gives the person a timeout, then you need to check if he can answer it to neutralize and bite off the desired color of the wire in the bomb

In systems/games you can do something like

const user = await users.getUserByUsername(username);
if (user) {
  if (user.isOnline) {
    // put your online logic here
  } else {
    // put your offline logic here

ok, thanks :grinning: