Choose ip in config

Does it possible to choose what ip use on server?
i have 2 ip on my server, and it will be nice, if it possible

if behind nginx this is obsolete same reason as with ssl

This is different issue, it is to be able to set eth/wlan device to be used OUT from bot, not IN by nginx

then config for in & out
so Interface and bot can have different IP

Not sure if I follow, you already (as you pointed out) set IN interface by nginx, but you cannot set OUT interface which will be used to for example connect to twitch API, etc.

example: WebUI listen on LAN and connection to twitch and APIs with Wifi

yes, first part is done through nginx…not sure what you try to imply. Again, this issue is to be able to select which network interface to use for bot to communicate out.

e.g. if you tunnel your in with nginx though ethernet, bot will communicate UI on ethernet. This is not connected to any request done to API.