Command statistics


The lines do not show anything and always run down.

Best regards Robotter112

Thanks for report, reproduced, will fix

Hmm sorry actually it is working for me :confused: any errors in chrome dev console?

I hope that’s what you wanted to see.

Yeah nothing what would explain why it is not working for you. If you change commands or dates, does it start to work?

I’ve tested it with different browsers, here is the result:

Firefox (My standard browsers)


Microsoft Edge

I think it is a problem with my browser or generally does not work in Firefox.

Browsers : only latest Chrome/Chromium stable are supported

But I’ll take a look

btw: it is working on Firefox 79.0

Also noticed that your end date on Firefox is 16.8., not 20.8. as in the rest of browsers

I am using the same version. I have already deleted the cache without success.

Ohhh I found the problem.
In the date picker it stayed at 16 and did not automatically take the current day.
Okay that was definitely my fault. But shouldn’t it always go to the current date?

It saves selected date so if you refresh page it should show same results. It is currently as supposed to be and its on discussion to change that behavior :slight_smile:

It looks like the old data was not saved. Or are these statistics reset after each stream?
New picture

Old picture

And now everything is gone :confused:

addendum 01.09.2020