Donates bits


If someone donates bits, the bot doesn’t track it. Doesn’t the bot have enough rights or something?

Best regards Robotter112

Cheers should be definitely tracked. Is there any errors in logfile?

No, I see the test donations via tipeeestream but no bits.

2020-08-16T19:35:03.155 +tip anonymous3#442209869, amount: 1.00EUR, message: Nice stream !
2020-08-16T19:35:03.928 +tip anonymous5#79299170, amount: 10.00EUR, message: Nice stream !
2020-08-16T19:35:04.030 +tip anonymous6#426300762, amount: 50.00EUR, message: Nice stream !
2020-08-16T19:35:04.060 +tip anonymous6#426300762, amount: 5.00EUR, message: Nice stream !

Hmm cheers should be correctly parsed from twitch chat. I didn’t notice any issues so far with it. But I asked on our Discord if anyone else is experiencing same issue.

Also just tested on 11.11.0 version and it is parsed correctly


2020-08-19T17:41:37.860 +cheer soge#96965261, bits: 1, message: test
2020-08-19T17:41:50.158 +cheer soge#96965261, bits: 1, message: 

Which user are you trying to have cheer event? Is that user in your ignorelist?

Okay I tried a different account and now it works, but now no values ​​are displayed above.

2020-08-19T19:37:45.118 +cheer robtomod#203718240, bits: 1, message:
2020-08-19T19:38:32.868 +cheer robtomod#203718240, bits: 7, message:

Values are shown only if you are streaming

Okay and was this reset after every stream?

Yes, several of those like bits, tips, max viewers, new viewers etc are set to 0

Tagging as solved as it is not a bug.

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