Event Listener Operations Issues

Expected behavior

Twitter Post Example. After X minutes post message.
Twitter Stream Start Example.

When user creates event listener contents of the operation section should recognize system variables.

Actual behavior

When Event listener operation is triggered the variables are not showing as readable information when posted to output.

Steps to reproduce

Create new event listener = Test
Event = Stream Started
Post a Twitter Message.
Message to send = Reesey275 is live playing $game $title, We are at $followers Followers or our 250 Follower Goal

Message to Send = has been playing $title $game

Actual message posted to Twitter = Reesey275 is live playing messagegame isitle, We are at messagefollowers Followers or our 250 Follower Goal

Additional informations

2020-07-20T17:37:13.968 <<< !_debug [reesey275]

2020-07-20T17:37:14.273 DEBUG: * ======= COPY DEBUG MESSAGE FROM HERE =======

2020-07-20T17:37:14.273 DEBUG: * GENERAL | OS: npm/6.14.5 node/v14.5.0 linux x64

2020-07-20T17:37:14.311 DEBUG: * | Bot version: 11.10.0-6f89889

2020-07-20T17:37:14.311 DEBUG: * | DB: mysql

2020-07-20T17:37:14.312 DEBUG: * | HEAP: 72.06 MB

2020-07-20T17:37:14.312 DEBUG: * | Uptime: 00:01:38

2020-07-20T17:37:14.312 DEBUG: * | Language: en

2020-07-20T17:37:14.313 DEBUG: * | Mute: false

2020-07-20T17:37:14.313 DEBUG: * SYSTEMS | Songs, Highlights, Points, Price, Ranks, CustomCommands, Alias, Bets, Checklist, Commercial, Cooldown, HowLongToBeat, Keywords, Moderation, Polls, Queue, Quotes, Raffles, Scrim, Timers, Top, UserInfo

2020-07-20T17:37:14.313 DEBUG: * GAMES | Duel, FightMe, Gamble, Heist, Roulette, -Seppuku

2020-07-20T17:37:14.313 DEBUG: * INTEGRATIONS | Spotify, Discord, -ResponsiveVoice, -Donationalerts, -PhillipsHue, -Qiwi, -StreamElements, -Streamlabs, -TipeeeStream, Twitter

2020-07-20T17:37:14.314 DEBUG: * WIDGETS | eventlist, soundboard, ytplayer, part, spotify, join, twitch, cmdboard, social, chat

2020-07-20T17:37:14.314 DEBUG: * OAUTH | BOT true | BROADCASTER true

2020-07-20T17:37:14.314 DEBUG: * ======= END OF DEBUG MESSAGE =======

Will take a look, thanks

Tested and works as expected now.

Thank you.

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