Event Sound

Where can I hear the specified sound at the events?

Thats actually good question, it should be hooked in alerts overlay, but it isn’t -> bug will fix

I see, this is deprecated though, will need to remove it from events. Please use !alert command to play audio.


Will the sound then be played in the alert overlay?

And where do I have to give the link to the mp3?
That’s not how it works.

Create a Alias Command and paste this in the Command Form:

!alert type=audio url=https://yourdomain.com/gallery/ volume=40

This sound will be played on the Alert Overlay :wink:

Documentation: http://sogehige.github.io/sogeBot/#/systems/alias

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In which overlay do I hear the sound triggered by the alias?
I tried the Alert overlay and didn’t hear anything or did I configure the Alisa incorrectly?

you should use !alert not !uff in response. Its alert overlay.

Ohh yes now it works, thank you very much @H4nSolo @soge

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