HTTPS Certificate environment variables no longer working

Expected behavior

Certificate directory specified within .env is used

Actual behavior

Certificate directory or certificates are not found

Steps to reproduce

Update bot to latest version (16.5.x) from 16.4.1

Additional informations

2022-10-30T18:05:55.923 DEBUG: * ======= COPY DEBUG MESSAGE FROM HERE =======
2022-10-30T18:05:55.923 DEBUG: * GENERAL | OS: npm/8.19.2 node/v16.18.0 linux x64 workspaces/false
2022-10-30T18:05:55.937 DEBUG: * | Bot version: 16.5.2
2022-10-30T18:05:55.938 DEBUG: * | DB: better-sqlite3
2022-10-30T18:05:55.939 DEBUG: * | HEAP: 131.68 MB
2022-10-30T18:05:55.940 DEBUG: * | Uptime: 00:02:25
2022-10-30T18:05:55.940 DEBUG: * | Language: en
2022-10-30T18:05:55.940 DEBUG: * | Mute: false
2022-10-30T18:05:55.941 DEBUG: * SYSTEMS | -Ranks, -Songs, CustomCommands, Alias, Highlights, -AntiHateRaid, -Bets, -Checklist, -Commercial, Cooldown, -EmotesCombo, -HowLongToBeat, Keywords, -Levels, Moderation, -Points, -Polls, -Price, -Queue, -Quotes, -Raffles, -Scrim, Timers, -Top, -UserInfo
2022-10-30T18:05:55.941 DEBUG: * GAMES | -Duel, -FightMe, -Gamble, -Heist, -Roulette, -Seppuku
2022-10-30T18:05:55.942 DEBUG: * INTEGRATIONS | -LastFM, Spotify, Discord, -Donatello, -Donationalerts, -Kofi, OBSWebsocket, -ProtonDB, -PUBG, -Qiwi, StreamElements, -Streamlabs, -Tiltify, -TipeeeStream, -Twitter
2022-10-30T18:05:55.942 DEBUG: * OAUTH | BOT notdarkwbot#802262555 | BROADCASTER notdarkw#167354127
2022-10-30T18:05:55.942 DEBUG: * ======= END OF DEBUG MESSAGE =======