Hype-Train API Scope not authenticating properly

Expected behavior

Hype-Train API Scope authentication Error

Actual behavior

Bot authenticate with all expected API scopes.

Steps to reproduce

Click Generate new token

No matter how many times scope is selected when token is generated it still does not allow for the hype-train scope to connect.

Additional informations

2020-08-28T18:42:47.660 <<< !_debug [reesey275]
2020-08-28T18:42:47.943 DEBUG: * ======= COPY DEBUG MESSAGE FROM HERE =======
2020-08-28T18:42:47.943 DEBUG: * GENERAL | OS: npm/6.14.7 node/v14.8.0 linux x64
2020-08-28T18:42:47.974 DEBUG: * | Bot version: 11.13.0-e9cd0cd
2020-08-28T18:42:47.975 DEBUG: * | DB: mysql
2020-08-28T18:42:47.975 DEBUG: * | HEAP: 70.81 MB
2020-08-28T18:42:47.975 DEBUG: * | Uptime: 00:04:37
2020-08-28T18:42:47.976 DEBUG: * | Language: en
2020-08-28T18:42:47.976 DEBUG: * | Mute: false
2020-08-28T18:42:47.976 DEBUG: * SYSTEMS | Songs, Highlights, Points, Price, Ranks, CustomCommands, Alias, Bets, Checklist, Commercial, Cooldown, HowLongToBeat, Keywords, Moderation, Polls, Queue, Quotes, Raffles, Scrim, Timers, Top, UserInfo
2020-08-28T18:42:47.976 DEBUG: * GAMES | Duel, FightMe, Gamble, Heist, Roulette, Seppuku
2020-08-28T18:42:47.976 DEBUG: * INTEGRATIONS | -LastFM, Spotify, Discord, -ResponsiveVoice, -Donationalerts, -PhillipsHue, -Qiwi, StreamElements, Streamlabs, -TipeeeStream, Twitter
2020-08-28T18:42:47.977 DEBUG: * WIDGETS | social, spotify, cmdboard, chat, twitch, soundboard, eventlist, part, join
2020-08-28T18:42:47.977 DEBUG: * OAUTH | BOT true | BROADCASTER true
2020-08-28T18:42:47.977 DEBUG: * ======= END OF DEBUG MESSAGE =======

Good catch I probably forgot to add it in scopes, although it is not used currently anywhere :slight_smile:

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