Integration Ukraine Donate system

I want to make a proposal to support the Ukrainian donat system

How much the Ukrainian audience can’t use Russian donation systems now, and foreign ones take too much commission. This platform is the only way out. Popular streamers use it.

Please consider the application. Thank you for your attention)

Will take a look!

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Unfortunately both of those platforms doesn’t have any API or socket connections which we can use to integrate it into bot. Are there any other donate systems? Couldn’t you use ko-fi or something like that?

At the moment there are no other analogues. Now contacted the developers. They ask what information you need to provide for integrations. To say that you need an API or Socket connection?

Well I need to be able to get your donations from their platform
So there are several options to implement

  1. API to get donations like streamlabs have /authorize
  2. Implement like here Socket API - least favorite options
  3. Another implementation might be just sending data to webhooks

Imho 1st option should be easier to manage and limit I think by developers, they can provide access token to their users to be able to get their donation list, probably good with some filter option like afterDate=xxxx so you are polling just new donations not everything in their db

To get a token, you need to log in to the portal


Request sample: cURL:
curl --request GET
–header ‘X-Token: 8a1bbc32ca3703f7b9550e4e5ad04494’

Response example:

“content”: [{
“pubId”: “D26-123123”,
“clientName”: “Андрій”,
“message”: “Привіт! Крутий стрім! :love_you_gesture:”,
“amount”: “100”,
“currency”: “UAH”,
“goal”: “На мікрофон”,
“isPublished”: false,
“createdAt”: “2022-06-01 10:05:30”
“page”: 0,
“size”: 20,
“num”: 1,
“first”: true,
“last”: true,
“total”: 1

curl --request GET
–header ‘X-Token: 8a1bbc32ca3703f7b9550e4e5ad04494’

“clients”: [{
“clientName”: ‘Андрій’,
“totalAmount”: “850”
}, {
“clientName”: ‘Оксана’,
“totalAmount”: “220”

curl --request GET
–header ‘X-Token: 8a1bbc32ca3703f7b9550e4e5ad04494’

“nickname”: ‘your-nickname’,
“pubId”: “C26-123123”,
“page”: “Сторінку не знайдено (404) - Donatello”,
“isActive”: true,
“isPublic”: true,
“donates”: {
“totalAmount”: “2500”,
“totalCount”: “35”
“createdAt”: “2022-06-01 10:05:30”

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