Is there any list with the necessary updates to update to the latest version?

I tried to update to the latest version from my old version that i had almost a year to use and the migration failed.

the logs of migration reported the issue and it was a missing overlay coloumn

i searched the updates and i found when you changed the coloumns to the ovelray table and it was the 14.11.0 version and when i applied this version sogebot and all its features worked fine.

i tried to update to latest version and it failed again with missing overlay table coloumn again and i found that there were many changes on overlay …

i spent the whole weekend to update sogebot to latest version and now 2 imported features i was using (trigger twitter message and how long to beat) either not working or are empty and i don’t know what update failed. to reverse back

the old vesion that it was working good was 12.11.0 and i am thinking to reverse to this version since if i clean install to the latest version i will lost all my followers entries and this is the biggest problem and i don’t want to clean install the bot.

i tried to create an update script to apply each update after 12.3 but the updates are too many to sacriftce more time on searching them.

if you have any other idea is welcome

What should work is basically you should upgrade each major version step by step.

12.x to 13.x, 13.x to 14.x…

In theory it should work directly to latest version but there might be some migration issues because of some entity changes. If you still have any issues let me know, there also might be migration errors which were not discovered by other users.