Issue at first startup

Hello there,

i am new to bots and programming so bear with me. After initializing the sqlite3 database, the cmd says:

Cannot generate self-signed certificate. HTTPS is disabled. Error: Could not find openssl on your system on this path: openssl

what have i done wrong?

Thanks :slight_smile:sd


you are missing openssl in your path, although, if you intend to use bot on localhost only, you can ignore this message.

If you intend to use bot on https with domain, you would need to generate your domain certificates and run bot on port 443 directly or set it through nginx like here Basic NGINX setup

Also as localhost doesn’t need ssl to have everything working, I might remove self signing certificates as they are not serving any purpose right now.

thanks so much. I think the question i should have asked is how i determine wether to run the bot on localhost or on https

If you don’t need bot accessible from outside, e.g. running it on server, you can keep it on localhost.
If you are connecting to other machine, you need to use HTTPS with domain with valid certificate