!Jackpot command

I would like to be able to display the current jackpot with !Jackpot.

Best regards, Robotter112

I inserted it manually in our bot;)


async jackpot (opts: CommandOptions): Promise<CommandResponse> {
let message;
if (this.enableJackpot) {
const currentPointsOfUser = await pointsSystem.getPointsOf(opts.sender.userId);
message = prepare(‘gambling.gamble.jackpotinfo’, {
pointsName: await pointsSystem.getPointsName(currentPointsOfUser),
jackpotName: await pointsSystem.getPointsName(this.jackpotValue),
jackpot: Math.ceil(this.jackpotValue),
return [{ response: message, …opts }];
} else {
return [{ response: ‘Jackpot is Disbabled!’, …opts }];

Language String in en.json: (gambling => gamble)

“jackpotinfo”: “$sender, the JACKPOT has $jackpot $pointsName”


Okay cool so it would be the best to bring the official version that not everyone who wants this has to edit their code manually. :smile:

You are welcome to make a pull request on Github :wink:

imho that code is not correct, if you are using only jackpot and pointsName why do you need to get jackpotName and currentPointsOfUser etc.

Okay what do we do now?
We have not yet come to a solution.

You should wait until it is merged in bot, or declined to include

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