Missing translation

On the start page, not all words for translating in crowdin project are entered.
missing translation

Crowdin translations are updated per release (several times on master branch). Your translations won’t get updated until new release.

E.g. you can see here https://github.com/sogehige/sogeBot/pull/4059 new crowdin update, which won’t be in until new version is released.

Okay but the words on the home page don’t appear to be registered in crowdin. Because before the release of version 11.12.0, German was already 100% translated.

I am not 100% sure what you mean, also, there is possibility, that certain string is not registered in translation thus in english only.

I think that the strings have been forgotten to be entered in the codewin project. The other languages ​​may have the same problem.

In the Russian version, the same texts are in English as in the German version.

Yes, those are not set as multilangual strings. I will add those.

Great thanks

If you notice any more, feel free to create new topic

If more multilingual strings are missing?


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