Moderation system improvement

moderation system should use delete message until warning count is fullfilled then timeout for x seconds thats what i would prefer

I can see a problem with it when message is deleted, you cannot add reason for deletion, so you don’t know why it happens.

bot returns reason in a warning message after x warnings you recive a timeout

Links not allowed ask for permit [warning 1/3]

Dont scream [2/3]

Message to long [3/3]

Forbidden Word in message [Timeout for x Seconds warning limit reached]

Yeah but it’s still kind of chat pollution which you don’t get if you timeout user.

dashboard panel or new page with “moderation log” or like you had in mind for ban with message history a list of alll actions taken by systems to that user

chat pollution is already happen because bot already say why, but a deleted message is way less annoying for a user

You can disable announce of moderation, you can then still see reason of such timeout as a mod, not as regular chatter.

then how about just offer that function as an alternative?
and warn that reason canot seen if bot response is disabled

yeah, that make sense :+1: