Permission System Functionality

Permission system should allow for adding users to groups. Only way I have found to do this is to manually make changes to the DB. If there is an easier function that I am missing please let me know so that I can learn the best and most correct way.

Edit 1:28 PM EST
Creating a new group permissions and adding users to the groups has no effect on permisions.
Manually adding users to the permissions to the database is the only thing that has worked.

You can add user into permission group manually through UI. If that doesn’t work, it is a bug. Can you confirm please?

I can see it working. Added user to permission group and test if that user have access to it. Note that you cannot add user to automated permissions like CASTERS, SUBSCRIBERS, VIP, etc. You need to create new permission group with subset of subscribers etc.

New user group was created. Permissions on new group are set to Moderator level permissions. Added new user to group permission that was created. User that was added to group does not receive required permissions in order to complete task. Example user was added to group with Moderator level permissions and the bot still times out/bans user for posting links.

may I see your settings on such permission group and on moderation for links for that perm group? Screenshots should be sufficient

Very well could be lack of knowledge on my part. I couldn’t find any documentation on the Permission system so it was pretty tough to figure out the settings.

You need to disable it for TAG MODERATOR it doesn’t share status between those two perm groups.

That’s what I thought when I looked at the locations that you stated. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your work with this. I have tested several bots over the years and this one by far has been the best so far. Missing some minor things that the larger bots have but I imagine those will come with time.

So is this issue resolved? :slight_smile: Glad you like it, lot of work was put into this. If you are missing some features, feel free to add them here and I’ll revisit them and implement when time will come :slight_smile:

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Problem solved. Hope it helps some others down the road.

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