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I would like to be able to hide the decimal place in the point system. E.g. 154.524 could one hundred fifty-four thousand five hundred twenty-four or one hundred and fifty-four. And why do I need to know exactly how many points I have to 3 decimal places. I hope you understand my problem and have the same opinion.

e.g. you LOST! You now have 115 Schrauben. Jackpot increased to 24.709999999999997 Schrauben

Best regards, Robotter112

That’s definitely a bug, points are intended to be numbers without decimal point. Is it only shown in jackpot I assume, right?

I get the error even if I win the jackpot and do! Points which is logical I just wanted to mention it for the sake of completeness.

I also set that 100% of the points should go to the jackpot, that doesn’t work properly either.

Robotter112: !gamble 10
ModeratorBesterChatbot: @robotter112, you LOST! You now have 831.962 Schrauben. Jackpot increased to 0.1 Schrauben
Robotter112: !gamble 10
BesterChatbot: @robotter112, you LOST! You now have 821.962 Bolzen. Jackpot increased to 0.2 Schrauben
Robotter112: !gamble 10
BesterChatbot: @robotter112, you hit JACKPOT! You won 0.2 Schrauben in addition to your bet. You now have 832.162 Schrauben

Because if I win the jackpot, I only get the jackpot content back but not my commitment.

Ok thanks for additional informations, I’ll investigate

Btw I can see that if you win jackpot, you get 10.2 of points which is correct e.g.

user have 10 points
user bets 5 points
if loses -> he has 5 points
if win -> he has 10 + 5 points + jackpot addition which is same behavior you sent.

Reproduced, will add to integer fix

@Robotter112 if you want to test fix before new version of bot is released, you can download and copy gamble.js file https://filebin.net/ep8r4o2m2cht6kyk into your path/to/bot/dest/games/

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