!promo shoutout fellow streamers with Custom Alerts

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That’s awesome!:slight_smile: Ability to create custom "Alerts Overlay" - #3 by soge

The !promo/!shoutout thinggy

A !promo or !highfive to trigger a message via custom Alerts. It would put a custom message in the chat (maybe with /announce) and an animation on the screen that would contain: channel’s name, channel’s avatar/picture, last played category/game played with image, full URL maybe and follow message and the last title, with ability to decide if it would be lengthy or succinct with just the image and the channel’s name.

Some services like StreamElements (!s2), StreamHolics (!sh), Botrix (!promo) and others have their shoutout/promo commands for promoting fellow channels.

So issuing a !sh ChannelName, !s2 ChannelName !promo ChannelName an animated overlay is shown, an alert of sorts, with the channel’s information: Name, Avatar, Last game played and sometimes a custom thanks or motivational message, like “Follow this person, they are awesome” or a “Thanks for the raid”. Can combo with a TTS.

Showing Streamholics and the Streamelements + Streamando ones to exemplify:

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Thanks for redoing request, appreciated! Will take a look at it

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It will be awesome!
Thank you very much.

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You are also able to change !promo command behaviour (to send or not to send message and message template), but that is available only on sogeBot admin page on promo edit button

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