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As game on Linux gamer, I am setting commands related to gaming on Linux. ProtonDB is a awesome resource for checking games compatibility level before trying to download and play it via Steam or even Lutris. Tha would be awesome to be able to search via chat… prbably even with an overlay result.

Hello @SnakeMagnetic,
thanks for suggestions. How would you expect to have that ProtonDB working? I mean I don’t have knowledge about it and would like to see some kind of use case or example command with example response.

Problem with ProtonDB is, though, that it seems to not have any available API to fetch data, so we would need to scrape their pages for it.

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I’m not sure about the API, but they have a search bot working on their Discord. As they are improving the site, I am cheering for them to release an API.

There is some kind of unofficial API

But still, what would you expect from that commands?

Initially, something similar to the HowLongToBeat one.

!pdb death stranding
Death Stranding | GOLD rated | Natively: Win | Details →

Will be available in next bot version

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I could kiss you…
Thanks. You’re awesome!

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