Quiz system

Add new gamble: quiz
Bot will ask question
For example
Bot: On what planet we live?
N secs later if noone answered
Bot: Hint: e _ _ _ _ (5 letters)
And this messages will repeat every N seconds with 1 more letter
Bot: Hint: e a _ _ _
Questions add in webpanel, and other things (settings, e.t.c)
Add possible disable/enable quiz from chat/webpanel, for bypass flood
When someone give answer, then after N secs ask other question

I think it will be nice to have toggleable (enabled/disable) reward for that system.

IMHO a long time ago there were such systems in IRŠ” chats, and there letters were opened in a random order, if you create such a system, you need to configure it so that you can choose opening letters (such as random, one after another, or first then last and then random) and time between appearances