Randomizer result value

I’d like do something with randomizer rezult.

My point of view:

  1. i have an randomizer
  2. i want run that randomizer on some event, for example user subscription
  3. i want pass sender to randomizer and use it later
  4. for example with random i got qwe option
  5. i want use that qwe as value and sender
  6. i want pass qwe and sender to some other command/variable

Some example:

  1. user soge resubscribe to channel, user sub streak is 2 months
  2. randomizer has options: Beer, Pizza
  3. i will run randomizer in event
  4. randomizer choosed Beer
  5. i wan’t use Beer and soge user object in variable $_prize
  6. i will run command !prize what has response $_prize
  7. $_prize variable response soge resubscribed with 2 months and got a beer!