Replace /me when bot already in color mode

When bot runned with color mode (/me), there can be some responses started with /me, which is user mistake, i understand.

But i think it’s not big deal replace /me in function, and will save user time to change bot command responses, langs, some custom systems, e.t.c

Not sure if I understand, can you give an example?

Right now an my bot command has response /me Hello, user but if I’ll enable color mode then bot will send message with that /me (in chat it will looks like /me Hello user (, because it’s part of message. Also this bot has custom system with hardcoded sendMessage('/me wjdjwk').

So what i want: just slice “/me” from response if bot already in color mode.

It will save much users time to edit whole langs, custom systems, commands.

I would say this is a bug :wink:

I do not think it’s bug.

It’s excepted behavior from twitch.

I can describe little bit more:

  1. enable color mode for bot
  2. create command with response /me Hi
  3. use that command

It’s not expected behavior from bot though :wink:

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