Request Spotify Songs via Channel Point Redemption

I’ve tried to create a channel point redemption for Spotify song requests by using an event listener which does work, but you’re forced to set the !spotify command to be for “Viewers” which means there’s nothing forcing people to use the point redemption and they can instead just type the command in chat at no cost.

Is there a way to implement something that helps with this?

That’s simply not true and we were already trying to solve this in discord channel. Not sure why you are creating same post here.

Command for casters are usable without issues in event listeners.

Its working without issue, !spotify command send to caster

2021-02-23T11:44:00.622 +++ redeem: soge#96965261 redeemed TTS: spotify:track:5mwwNMTEqURxZiCb9KJzxp
2021-02-23T11:44:00.681 <<< !spotify spotify:track:5mwwNMTEqURxZiCb9KJzxp [soge]
2021-02-23T11:44:01.215 >>> @soge, you requested song Corona firus from Adolfeen [soge]
021-02-23T11:47:09.733 +++ redeem: mihairu_cz#47859037 redeemed TTS: spotify:track:7wEwgRspKrPgkWsOlmImZm
2021-02-23T11:47:09.810 <<< !spotify spotify:track:7wEwgRspKrPgkWsOlmImZm [soge]
2021-02-23T11:47:10.349 >>> @soge, you requested song Párty v domě from Adolfeen [soge]

There is incorrect sender username as we are triggering request with broadcaster, that should be fixed otherwise it is working as expected

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