Sound cost

I would like to be able to set a price for sound alerts.
e.g. !aww cost 250 points

You can already set prize to aliases.

But how?
I don’t see anything there and neither in the docs

ui -> manage -> price

Okay I found the UI thanks.

It would be nice if you get a message that you don’t have enough points for this command.

2020-09-01T19:31:21.835 >>> @robotter112 has currently 6978 Bolzen. Your position is ?/210. [robotter112]
2020-09-01T19:31:45.265 <<< !price list [robotter112]
2020-09-01T19:31:45.380 >>> @robotter112, list of prices: !uff - 10000 [robotter112]
2020-09-01T19:31:50.067 <<< !uff [robotter112]

There is. Just to note, owners are skipped in price check.

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