Streamdeck integration

Some kind of integration for streamdeck can be http request or whatever haha.
atleast for stopwatch and timer.

I mean, OK, but what that exactly mean? :slight_smile: What do you want to have accessible through streamdeck?

i think hes refering to the function of streamdecks software
what can only do simple http requests
(get request with urlquery parameters) to execute different things like

  • commands
  • alerts (media)
  • messages
  • etc…

I understand, still need to know what is wanted as I cannot just expose whatever

for the beginning

  • trigger media command
  • countdown
  • stopwatch
  • marathon
  • wheelOfFortune/stripeOfFortune
  • skipsong (yt and spoti)

Yeah like Liadala´s writing trigger stuff like, and add stuff like ban song from spotify list. something like that.