Timeout, ban, tag via Viewers screen

Hello there!

It’s me again.
So I usually stream and don’t care much about the chat because it is almost always at my insomnia nights.
BUT, the last stream, one of my streamer colleagues warned me that there were various bots in the stream’s chat. Usually I see 2-3, but this time there were more than 20. So it gave the idea to ask yo, once more, for more things (!!) :slight_smile:
I got the idea that the Viewers page would be an excellent place to use for banning multiple fake viewers (bots). Not just banning, timing out and also sending a checking message, that would be a precaution. Via the Viewers page, the Caster would choose one or various viewers to send a verification message and then ban, should they verify that it is the correct thing to do.

Hmm, usually bots in your chat are harmless. We have autoban system to ban follow bots and list of bots to ignore. Bots are not counted towards your viewer stats as they are not “viewing” your content, but are only connected in chat for various reason.

Sorry for the delay.
Actually, one of the things they should not be ignored are subscription gifts. Despite it not harming the streamer, the gifts random or not can go to non-real follower of the channel.

I am not sure if I understand. That is more feature request directly on Twitch, right? Nothing we can do with subgifts.

Yes, Twitch is really the one that should be solving the bots problem.
But there are known bots there, doing or not harm, are doing something not authorized by the streamer nor contributing to the channel. Probably monitoring, collect whatever data they can. And sometimes, receiving subgifts that could go to a real viewer/follower.
Twitch won’t punish channels because of the bots, at least not directly, they probably reduce your reach until the bots are analysed. They probably just do that when there are many and the channel is of a reasonable size.
What I’m actually thinking is to make it easier to time out, report, ban on that screen and add to your channel’s suspcious list or something along those lines.
As report is the recommendation by Twitch for fake engagement, for example, it obviously would take time so from that same screen be able to add to at least the channel sogeBot blocklist would be handy.

I am not super fan of auto banning bots, if you just /ban then they should not be able to get any subgifts.