UI manage->viewers set huge amount of points if points are empty

I have set the points of users streamlabs and robtomod in the web interface to 0 but now they have an extremely high number of points if you do !top points


2020-12-06T19:48:33.523 >>> Top 10 (Punkte): 1. @streamlabs - 9007199254740991 Bolzen, 2.@robtomod - 9007199254740991 Bolzen, 3. @zathura123_ - 200150 Bolzen, 4. @fabxx45 - 127359 Bolzen, 5. @henker313 - 22318 Bolzen, 6. @thiccur - 11141 Bolzen, 7. @cocoins - 11019 Bolzen, 8. @saddestkitty - 10926 Bolzen, 9. @oldsnake333 - 10786 Bolzen

You removed points and not set them to 0 right? I mean like you kept input empty?

I entered 0 in the points and saved the changes.

I cannot reproduce when I set points to 0, although I can reproduce when I set points to nothing, can you just try to set it to 1 or other number?

Also if you add those account to ignore list they will not appear in any lists and bto will ignore them.

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