Use env variables as alternative to ormconfig.json

I suggest implement check does env variable provided and use it.

If process.env.DB_TYPE === ‘postgres’ => then cp ormconfig.postgres.json to root and fill it by process.env.DB_USERNAME, process.env.DB_PASSWORD e.t.c

it will help host application on SaaS platforms, where you cannot edit application files in runtime.

you can already use env values for db

Yes, but part of bot systems still user json file.


This is already fix in progress

Can you also add those variables to docs and change docker-compose.yml to use those variables instead of mounted file?

you can already do it. Preferred way is to use ormconfig.json

nevermind, we will need to move to ENV variables, I cannot get other files to have working.

actually now it will work everything :wink:

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